4_Paris_June5_1968Q copy

These paintings/collages originated from a collection of images torn from various printed sources over a period of 25 years. They are part of an ongoing series of works that explore the connections between the particularity of human experience and the cosmic conditions of passing time. By marking the struggles that change society with the changing configurations of the stars, an understanding of a unique event is presented as affected by a seemingly consistent night sky. Each media document is from a particular date and digitally reprinted from its archival source. The arrangement of the stars that would have been visible precisely on that date, are painted in oil below.

Over time the stars are always shifting, first by visibly moving around the North Star and then by drifting closer and farther away from each other over eons. Historical events and private memories are often felt as never-ending but are in fact transformed through interpretation and differing detail, and faded by memory and culture. The nocturnal sky, at least in our experience so far, is relentlessly ever-present – but astronomically speaking it is always new, unrepeatable.

4_”Nocturne. Paris, June 5 1968″

(a filed Liberation New Service news photo marked up for printing of a May 68 revolt in Paris.1968)


1_Detroit(side)_July27_1967Q copy 2

1_ “Nocturne. Detroit, July 27 1967”

(a page torn from Funk and Wagnall’s Book of the Year, 1967)


9_NewYorkCity_March28_1989 copy

3_ “Nocturne. New York City, March 28 1989”

(a copied flyer for civil disobedience handed out by Act Up for the march against the Catholic church, 1989)


8_Nicaragua_December24_1984 copy

2_ “Nocturne. Managua, Nicaragua December 24, 1984”

(a Nicaraguan Sandinista Party postcard with a typed love note wrapping into the image side, 1984)


12_Vietnam_March11_1970 copy

6_”Nocturne. Cam Phat, Vietnam, March 11 1970″

(a note on a snapshot taken by a drafted soldier in Viet Nam of his “friend,” 1970)


11_Oslo_July 22_2011Q copy

5_”Nocturne. Oslo, July 22 2011″

(a fragment of a page torn from the July 23, 2011 copy of the New York Times)


19_Nocturne_BAK copy

Installation at BAK, Utrecht, 2018