Group Material

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Doug Ashford became a member of Group Material in 1982 and its work was his principle art practice until the collective disbanded in 1996. Over its sixteen-year life Group Material produced over forty-five exhibitions and public projects that sought to transform the production, presentation and recounting of contemporary culture by inventing new forms for the museum and the street. This website presents only a very partial view.  This history is fully discussed in the book Show and Tell: a Chronicle of Group Material, edited by Julie Ault with essays by Ashford, Ault, Sabrina Locks and Tim Rollins. (see publications page here for downloads)

Chronology of Group Material, Exhibitions and Public Projects_(link)

From 2006-08 Ashford and Ault built an archive of Group Material that is now housed at the Fales Library Downtown Collection at NYU and is available for visiting by appointment_(link)

For the most complete documentation of Group Material’s practice, please see the book, Show and Tell: A Chronicle of Group Material, edited by Julie Ault _ (link)